Surviving Long Flights 101

Not many people look forward to long plane rides. They can have you feeling restless and uncomfortable. Here are a few things you can do to make yourself comfortable on your next lengthy flight.


  • Check-in early

Avoid ending up on stand-by and check in at least 24 hours in advance for your long flight. It can save a lot of time and trouble when airlines know for sure you plan to show up.


  • Bring noise cancellation headphones

Cancel out loud chatter and restless children with noise cancellation headphones. You can listen to your music, podcast, or movie as if you were the only person on the plane.


  • Look into in-air wifi options

Most airlines are now starting to offer wifi that you can purchase while your device is on airplane mode. Look into these options if you plan on browsing the internet, answering emails, or getting some work done a head of time. For flights that do not have these options there are now portable devices that can help with providing wifi.


  • Wear comfortable clothes

Try to wear loose clothing that you can move around in tight spaces with and shoes that can easily slip on and off.


  • Download music/podcasts to listen to offline

If you do not plan on having wifi during your flight, you can download music and podcasts directly on to your phone or tablet. If you do not want to take up storage space there are a few apps, such as spotify or soundcloud, which you can purchase to listen to entertainment even when your device is offline. Here are a few great playlists and podcasts that are perfect for long flights during corporate travel.


  • Bring snacks

Airport food can be a bit pricey. Luckily many airlines will allow you to bring your own snacks on the flight with the exception of beverages purchased outside of the terminal. Here is a little hack if you do not want to purchase the food on the plane, stock up on your own snacks a head of time and pack them in your carry on. Purchase water once inside the airport so you can stay hydrated while up in there air. Flying so high for a long period of time can easily dehydrate you.


  • Adjust your time

If you are on a very long flight you are more than likely changing time zones. To avoid serious jet lag and exhaustion try switching your clock and watches ahead of time to your new time zone. This way your body can adjust.


  • Be productive

Get a jump start on your tasks before you land by organizing your emails, planning out your trip, reviewing and organizing your notes, practicing your pitch for your meeting etc. Staying productive and getting work done is a great way to stay focused and relieve you a bit once you reach your destination.

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