Four Things to Do Before Traveling Internationally

1) Purchase a converter and adaptor for charging your electronic devices

Electricity around the world differs in voltage and wall outlets. To avoid an overheated tablet or a dead cell phone battery, purchase a converter that also doubles as an adapter. Be sure that you purchase one that is compatible with the country you are visiting. Having one of these will ensure that your devices are safe and powered up. You can find one here.


2) Look up the currency exchange rate

Just like electricity, not all money is internationally equal. It is good to know the exchange rate for currency when venturing overseas so you can be aware of your spending and budget accordingly. You can look up the currency rate for around the world online.


3) Look up local laws

Every country has its own set of laws and consequences. What may not been seen as an offense or at least a major one in your country could be a severe penalty in another one. Try to familiarize yourself with the criminal justice system before venturing over seas. It can save you from a major fine or worse jail time.


4) Alert Your Bank of Your Travel

Many banks will place a hold on your credit or debit card when they see a suspicious charge such as making purchases while in a foreign country. To ensure you will have access to your money while traveling be sure to reach out to your bank ahead of time to inform of them of your upcoming trips. Often times you can set the alert online.

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