Benefits of Hiring a Charter Instead of Using Commercial Flights

Some businesses avoid looking into charter flights over commercial because they’re afraid the business airfare will differ significantly. Charter flight may make more sense financially and strategically, depending on where you fly, how many employees must go, and what the group needs.

In some situations, the expense of chartered flights may deter you from using them. However, some may find that the time saved by bypassing security screenings and boarding procedures can make a world of difference. For short notice or rushed travel, chartered private jets are ideal. If you’re wondering about more of the differences between chartered and commercial flights, check out the Safe Harbors Business Travel website.

Key Facts About Commercial Flights
If you asked 10 friends what they thought of flying, chances are you’d get 10 very negative responses. Flying on commercial airlines is generally a very stressful affair. Transportation to and from the airport, check-in procedures, checking baggage, security screenings, and boarding procedures all lead you to a small seat on a packed airplane, usually with at least one connection. Airlines have cut services to keep their operating costs manageable, so if you want a more comfortable commercial flight, you need to be prepared to pay extra for it.

One of the major perks of commercial flights is that there are airports providing service all over the country. This can make it a great deal easier to reach a destination and cut time spent driving in a rental car. In terms of business airfare, commercial flights are typically a fraction of the cost of chartered planes.

Perks to Chartered Jets
Chartered jets are definitely the way to go if you’re looking for convenience, speed, and comfort. Most private jets take off as soon as you’re on the plane, cutting out the hours typically spent in security screenings and boarding procedures. The added benefit of access to regional airports is noteworthy, as well, and may shave time as well as costs associated with rental cars. Private planes also have a modicum of luxury. While you may have to shell out a few dollars for a packet of pretzels and a lukewarm soda on a commercial flight, you can likely expect champagne and gourmet fare included aboard a private jet.

The downside of chartered planes is most certainly the cost. Paying for private air travel is exponentially more expensive than commercial flying, so for the business owner looking to cut costs and save money on business airfare, chartered flights may be reserved solely for last-minute travel emergencies.

If you’re unsure about what type of air travel is best for your business needs, get in touch with Safe Harbors Business Travel. Our travel management services include finding the best flights and seats for any trip, in any situation. Whether you need to book multiple seats on a commercial flight for a company retreat or need a chartered jet within the hour, we can handle it. Visit the Safe Harbors website for more information.

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